Form Description
  Saint Frances Cabrini Regional School Handbook Saint Frances Cabrini Regional School Handbook contains important school information and guidelines. Please read!
  Academic Grading Scale Please refer to the attached document for information regarding your child's grades.
  CARES Before & After School Program Handbook The CARES Handbook contains important program information and guidelines. Please read!
  CARES Interest Form If you are interested in any of these options for your child to attend the CARES Program, please fill in the
following information and return to school office.
  CARES Registration Packet Please return completed CARES registration packet to school office.
  Cash Payments for Tuition
  Pre-K 3 Stationary List
  Pre-K 4 Stationary List
  Kindergarten Stationary List
  Kindergarten Summer Work
  First Grade Stationary List
  First Grade Summer Work
  Second Grade Stationary List
  Second Grade Summer Work
  Third Grade Stationary List & Summer Work
  Fourth Grade Stationary List
  Fourth Grade Summer Work
  Middle School Stationary List
  4th-8th Summer Reading Project
  5th Grade Summer Work
  6th Grade Summer Work
  7th Grade Summer Work
  8th Grade Summer Work