Academic Policies
The Saint Frances Cabrini School sets high standards of academic achievement, striving to allow each child to reach his/her potential. All curriculum is in compliance with the Office of Catholic Education and the State Board of Education.

Class participation is expected on all levels of instruction. Homework refers to both WRITTEN and STUDY assignments. All homework should be closely supervised by parents. In addition to the Core Curriculum, Saint Frances Cabrini Regional School offers the following special services:
 Learning Support ~ Special education classes are offered.
 Computer Lab with Technology Teacher ~ Our lab is internet/network connected with high speed cable internet service.
 Pre-K Program (3 and 4 years old) ~ This program offers full day Pre-K classes.
 Kindergarten Program ~ Our program offers a full day Kindergarten class.
 Title One Services ~ Offers reading remediation to qualified students.
 CARES ~ After school child care program. (Separate handout available)
 Morning CARES Program ~ Program available to children PreK to 8th Grade. (Separate brochure available)

     Music Program includes classroom instruction, Liturgical Song, and special student performances.
 Art Teacher includes art instruction and a SFC Art Room.
 Physical Education Teacher ~ Our extensive Gym Program offers exercises and many interesting group activities. All grades attend gym classes every week.
 Library

PROGRESS REPORTS: Progress reports are sent home to inform parents/guardian of your child’s progress.

REPORT CARDS: Report cards are issued three times a year to students in Grades K through 8. Students in Pre K receive a Progress Report. Each student is responsible for his/her own report card grade by satisfactorily fulfilling the course following requirements. Report cards are given out on a Friday. They are to be signed and returned the following Monday.  SFC School course requirements may include:
major testing
oral and written reports
independent classroom work
active participation in classroom lessons and activities
class/individual projects
homework assignments

STANDARDIZED TESTING: The Terra Nova Test is administered each year to students. The results are communicated to parents and are utilized by the school for curriculum planning.

Global Testing –Students in  Grades 2-8 will complete the Globalized Test three times a year: September, January, and May.

TEST GRADES: In order for parents to be aware of the academic progress their child is making, parents are asked to sign and return test papers. Written reports and projects must be submitted on time according to the schedule determined by the teacher. The teacher may refuse to accept work that is late after telling the students this at the time the assignment is first given.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE: A student will earn a Perfect Attendance Certificate at the end of the school year if he/she has had no absences. (The only exception is if the student attended the funeral of a close family member.)

Students can achieve honors by meeting the following requirements:
Honors: 90 or higher in each subject ~ 3 or 4 in other area
Second Honors: 85 or higher in each subject ~ 3 or 4 in other areas

First Honors: All O and VG
Second Honors: All O , VG, And G
Behavior no lower than 3