Remember When?

“St. Donato’s was always filled with excitement and activity. My early social life revolved around the school and church, with craft nights, carnivals, school plays and holiday celebrations that included an abundance of Italian delicacies we all loved!”

  • Maria Small , Class of ‘71

For many years, we called Saint Donato our home. The lessons we learned, the friendships we formed, the teachers that helped us become the best versions of ourselves. Our days at St. Donato have shaped us into the men and women we are today.

It seems like almost yesterday… Those were the days… Remember when… Does this sound familiar? When we share the memories of the people that made a difference in our lives, their stories get passed down and they are kept alive for generations to come.

We all have a story to tell, a favorite memory to share. Share them here and make a gift in memory or in honor of someone. You gift will ensure that more memories will be created in the halls of St. Francis Cabrini for many years to come.

Remember When?

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