Middle School Web Page - 5th - 8th

New uniform please look underneath uniform link. The new uniform is optional for returning students for the 2019-2020 year. It will be mandatory 2020-2021

Summer math and reading assignments are posted on the school website. Remember these assignments are due the first day of school.

Parents we still will be using liveschool for tracking behavior( demerits and merits), but the homework will no longer be applied to liveschool. It will only be applied to this page.


Monday 9/23/19

5th Grade Religion- Study your notes to prepare for your test on Chapter 1 tomorrow.
English- Reader's Notebook pg. 30
Spelling- Write each spelling word 3x each.
Social Studies- Fill in the missing names of the lakes on your study guide.

Middle School Web Page



This new web page is only for middle school (5th-8th) homework and announcements